Ismael J. Rodriguez

My name is Ismael.

If you are reading this, you likely here to learn more about me or a service that I may offer. Thank you for your interest in me. I'll begin with the basics. My full name is Ismael Jonathan Rodriguez and my primary goal in life is laugh and love, while helping others. Yes, my goals are simple.

I am a 1997 graduate of Vineland High School, in Vineland, New Jersey. After a long period of time, trying to discover my self and my passions (including changing majors several times), I am now a 2013 graduate of Cumberland County College with an Associates in Social Work. I intend on continuing my education until the Masters level, but I am presently taking a break from college to find work. Education is nice, but one must work to actually pay the bills.

Speaking of which, as I did mention offering services, I have two long-time hobbies that I currently am still actively involved with and gladly offer as services to others. First up is computer repair and maintenance. I have been tinkering with computers since my early teens (almost two and, although I am not certified, I do offer my assistence to those in need of computer help. My other hobby involves a passion for equality. Although I am an atheist, I hold the legal title of "Ordained Minister" and use this to officiate weddings for those who may not be fortunate enough to have an officiant (judge, paster, captain, etc) of their own and do not wish to have a City Hall wedding ceremony. I'll explain more about these services in the aptly titled Services section.

Thank you for visiting my micro-site. I am an open book and welcome any questions you may have.

Peace and Good Health!

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